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  • Kurds Add to Erdogan Woes With Threat of Violence After Vote

    Turkey’s local elections next weekend may hand control to Kurdish parties across the southeast, upping pressure on the government to meet their demands for local autonomy or risk a return to violence.

  • Turkish Nationalists Attack Kurdish Party Office Ahead of Polls

    Hundreds of Turkish nationalists stormed the office of a pro-Kurdish party in western Turkey, in new violence against Kurdish politicians ahead of March 30 local elections, state-run Anatolia news agency said today.

  • Mayor’s Sons Split by Turkey War as Funerals Test Peace Plan

    Abdullah Demirbas told his two sons that Turkey’s Kurds should claim their rights through politics, not war. One agreed, and is preparing to start compulsory service in Turkey’s army. The other didn’t, and fled to the mountains to join militants fighting against it.

  • PKK Peace Talks Threat Seen Passing as CDS Climb: Turkey

    Investor concern that peace talks between Turkey’s government and the Kurds risk failing will probably fade, helping to boost sentiment toward the nation’s assets, according to Odea Bank AS and Standard Bank Plc.

  • Peace With Kurds at Risk as Erdogan Reels From Protests

    Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s crackdown on anti-government protests in western Turkey may make it harder for him to offer concessions to Kurds in the southeast, where he’s trying to end a three-decade war.

  • PKK’s Ocalan Plays Basketball, Volleyball on Prison Island: HT

    Imprisoned Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK, leader Abdullah Ocalan plays basketball on Tuesdays and volleyball Fridays with other inmates, Haberturk newspaper says, citing Justice Minister Sadullah Ergin. * Ocalan chats with 5 other inmates for 5 hours a week: HT * Ocalan does not have access to TV or computer; can read newspapers, books: HT * Ergin revealed details about Ocalan’s prison conditions in response to opposition lawmaker Aytun Ciray: HT

  • Turkey Hit by Wave of Attacks as Syria Fallout Emboldens PKK

    Turkey’s war with Kurdish militants has entered its bloodiest phase in more than a decade, with attacks on soldiers and police almost every day and a breakdown in ties with neighbors that had helped to contain the threat.

  • Turkey’s Promising Shift to the West

    The recent drama over the euro area’s bailout of Cyprus diverted attention from two important events, both of which feature the island’s old nemesis, Turkey.

  • Turkish Lira Advances 2nd Day as PKK’s Ocalan Calls for Peace

    The lira gained for a second day and bonds pared losses after imprisoned Kurdistan Workers’ Party leader Abdullah Ocalan called on militants to quit the armed struggle and leave Turkey.

  • The Kurds Get a Second Chance in Syria

    More than 200,000 Syrian Kurdish refugees have moved into Iraqi Kurdistan. They have crossed an international border to be sure, yet it is, in the Kurdish world view, a passage from one part of their homeland to another. The Kurds disregard these frontiers, imposed on the Fertile Crescent almost a century ago by Anglo-French power.

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